Last Updated: 1/25/16

Announcement - 1/25/16 - There will be a Friends of the NRA Banquet on February 6th at the American Legion Hall. Tickets are $40 per person or $70 per couple and are available at Gilbert's Gun Shop.

Announcement - 1/4/16 - We have scheduled three Saturday afternoons to handle membership renewals for those members who are unable to make it to the club during our regular business hours. Weather permitting, on Jan 16th, Feb 13th, and Feb 27th there will be someone at the club from 11am until 3pm to handle memberships.

Announcement - 12/14/15 - At the December monthly business meeting our yearly election of club officers was held with the following results:

President - Eddie Gregory
Vice President - Melvin Wainscott
2nd Vice President - Brad Shryock
Treasurer - John Vest
Secretary - Joe Howard

Announcement - 12/14/15 - Beginning Jan 1, 2016, the spouse of any current member in good standing can join the club for the $75 cost of a renewal instead of the $150 cost of a full membership. This offer is open only during the annual renewal period from Jan 1 - Feb 28. This entitles your spouse to their own key and allows them enjoy the same rights and privileges as all of our other members, including their own gate key.

This is great opportunity for spouses to become more involved in the club and in shooting in general. By having their own membership they will get:

1. Their own gate key.

2. The right to come to the range on their own. The club rules state that the person who's name is on the membership card must be present at the range, having their own membership would mean they could come to the range by themselves if they wished.

3. They would gain a vote at the club's monthly business meeting. The club by-laws limit votes to one per membership so having a membership would give the spouse a greater voice in the club's activities.

Reminder - 7/14/15 - In the interest of safety all ranges will be closed while the club property is being mowed, bush hogged, sprayed for weed control, or having any other required maintenance done. To minimize the impact to members the mowing is usually, weather permitting, done on Monday mornings. All other maintenance is done only on an as needed basis and we will keep any necessary range closures as brief as possible.

E-Mail Reminders - As a new service to our members we have begun sending out emails regarding upcoming events and range closures. We understand that many of you drive quite a distance to use our facilities and it can be frustrating to arrive at the range only to find it closed for an organized event. In an effort to reduce the times this happens to our members we have begun sending out email reminders of club events. We currently have valid email addresses for only about 50% of our members. If you have received an email from the club in the last few weeks, congratulations! You are already on our mailing list. If you did not receive an email from the club and would like to be added to the email list, please send us a note HERE with your name and email address and we will get you added for future emails. This list will only be used for club business. If you are currently ON the list and wish to be taken off, please send us a note using the link above and we will remove you from the list.

In order to ensure that you receive emails from the club please be sure to set as a trusted address in your email settings.


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