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With the year coming quickly to an end the renewal period for memberships is fast approaching. As a reminder all memberships will expire on December 31. On January 1, 2019, the lock on the gate will be changed and current gate keys will no longer work. The membership renewal period runs until February 28th after which even returning members will have to pay full price for a new membership. Due to the sales tax changes that were enacted earlier this year the cost of membership renewals will be $80, the regular $75 renewal fee plus sales tax rounded up. New memberships will now cost $160 to include sales tax.

Membership renewals, and new memberships, will be available every Wednesday evening from 2pm until approximately 7pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm beginning Dec 26th and continuing until February 27th.


During the monthly business meeting held on Friday, December 7th, elections were held for club officers with the current slate of officers all retaining their offices.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky recently passed new legislation that requires collecting sales tax on such things as memberships, guest fees, service fees, and event entry fees. This legislation also applies to 'Not for Profit' entities such as our club. The new legislation went into effect on July 1, 2018.

As a result, in order to remain compliant with state tax laws the club will have to start collecting sales tax on memberships. New memberships, membership renewals, and guest memberships will all be affected. As a result memberships purchased after July 1, 2018 will cost $160 for new memberships and $80 for renewals. Please understand that this is NOT an increase in membership dues but is the sales tax that the state is requiring we now collect.


Swap meets are being planned for the same days and hours as our registered shoots. All members and guests are welcome to come out and buy, sell, or trade. The swap meet will be open for the same hours as the trap shoot and will not result in the range being closed for any additional time.


We will once again be offering pro-rated memberships for $75 plus tax, $80 total, for the remainder of the calendar year. This does include guest memberships.


The 2018 ATA Registered Trapshooting schedule is as follows:
Saturday, March 10, 2017
Saturday, April 14, 2017
Saturday, May 12, 2017
Saturday, May 26, 2017
Saturday, June 9, 2017
Saturday, June 23, 2017
Saturday, August 11, 2017
Saturday, September 8, 2017
Saturday, October 13, 2017

For all registered shoots the gate will open at around 9:30am, the practice trap opens at 10am, and the shoot starts at 11am. The rifle, pistol, and archery ranges will be closed for the duration of those events.


Due to an increase in the cost of having new keys made the charge for a replacement key or failing to return your key when renewing membership has been raised from $5 to $10.


Concealed Carry Classes will be held at the club from 2pm until 4pm on the dates listed below. All ranges will be closed during this time. Anyone interested in taking the class can contact the instructors at . Or you can contact Gregg at (502) 319-2000 or Tom at (502) 321-8819 for location, start time and details.

March 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 14
August 18
Sept 22
Oct 20
Nov 17
Dec 15


The election of club officers for 2018 was held during the December monthly business meeting. At this time we would like to thank the 2017 officers for their service and announce the officers for 2018.

President - Brad Shryock

Vice President - Chip Shryock

2nd - Vice President - Ray Williams

Treasurer - John Vest

Secretary - Joe Howard


Beginning in January 2017 we will be offering guest memberships for the first time. After much discussion and debate on the subject it was decided to offer these guest memberships for 2017.

Any club member in good standing will be able to purchase a guest mebership. The guest membership will entitle the member to bring ONE guest with them to use the club ranges with the following rules and restrictions.

1. The member must accompany their guest and must have both their own membership card and the guest membership card with them at the range.

2. The guest does not have to be the same person every time the guest membership is used, but it may be used for only one guest at a time.
Example: A member may bring their brother on one visit, their son in law on another visit, and their boss on another visit, however a member could not bring them all on the same trip to the range.

3. The guest membership does not come with an extra key, the member has to be present with the guest so there is no need for an extra key.

4. The guest membership does not have voting rights attached nor does it allow participation in any member only club event such as the club trapshooting championship.

5. The guest membership otherwise follows the same rules as any other membership. The cost is $150 for the first year and $75 each year thereafter to be renewed during the same renewal period as regular memberships.


We would like to announce that our new Facebook page is now active. We will be using the Facebook page in addition to our website and periodic emails to keep everyone up to date with the goings on at the club. Please stop by and like the page at


Reminder - 7/14/15 - In the interest of safety all ranges will be closed while the club property is being mowed, bush hogged, sprayed for weed control, or having any other required maintenance done. All other maintenance is done only on an as needed basis and we will keep any necessary range closures as brief as possible.


E-Mail Reminders - As a new service to our members we have begun sending out emails regarding upcoming events and range closures. We understand that many of you drive quite a distance to use our facilities and it can be frustrating to arrive at the range only to find it closed for an organized event. In an effort to reduce the times this happens to our members we have begun sending out email reminders of club events. We currently have valid email addresses for only about 50% of our members. If you have received an email from the club in the last few weeks, congratulations! You are already on our mailing list. If you did not receive an email from the club and would like to be added to the email list, please send us a note HERE with your name and email address and we will get you added for future emails. This list will only be used for club business. If you are currently ON the list and wish to be taken off, please send us a note using the link above and we will remove you from the list.

In order to ensure that you receive emails from the club please be sure to set as a trusted address in your email settings.


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